Monday, April 26, 2010

Water Marbling

I water marbled! Yay! 

Its the coolest thing ever, I swear! 

If you are going to do it, I strongly suggest watching a couple of youtube videos about it first, since it is very complicated. Heres the video I watched. 

Heres how mine turned out

You will need: 
Two or three [high quality, non-gloopy] nail polishes of your choosing. I used China Glaze Rich and Famous and China Glaze Up All Night.
Toothpick, or something pointy
Cup of water. Cold works best
Tape. I used masking tape.
Drop the colors alternating in the water, they should spread. After you feel you have enough rings, drag the toothpick through it to make a cool design, then put you finger in the design and before you take it out, clean up the remaining paint.

Basically, this is super hard [I think] My boyfriend helped me with mine [he was interested in the science of it!] You really have to experiment with it. I love how mine ended up turning out and I started some sort of revolution because now everyone is doing at my work and stuff haha!
If you try it, blog it and tell me about it!


  1. Thanks! You should try it! The link to the video is in there!