Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Trend: Lace

Spring is coming and with it comes warmer weather, which means its time to shed those stuffy fabrics and switch to lighter ones, like lace! Which also happens to be one of Spring 2010's biggest trends!

There are two different ways to wear lace: Feminine lace & Rocker lace.

Feminine Lace
This type of look is so soft and pretty, girly dresses, and pearl necklaces, with nude heels can be worn to a tea party or can be taken more casual with shorts and a top hat and a ribbon.
I find that you can even pair lace with soft florals, just be careful not to overdo it.

Rocker Lace
The other type of lace style is on the other side of the spectrum. Studs and different shades of gray accompany the girly lace to toughen it up. Large accessories and chic blazers make this look one big statement after another! 

Thanks to Jupe Boutique for inspiration!

Peace and Laughter, 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Trend: Florals

This is my absolute favorite spring trend; it never gets old, and nothing makes me feel as fun and flirty as a great floral piece! When thinking about florals, I tend to separate them into three categories: soft, bold and bright.
How to wear...
Soft Florals- Rather than overwhelm these lighter prints with bright accessories, embrace their softness with cardigans in neutral colors and ruffled pieces.  Tea parties and country girls come to mind when I see these prints, so draw inspiration from there.  Bonus:  Dress them down with some more casual pieces like trench coats and boots.
Bold Florals- These are the kind of florals that can stand on their own, so it doesn't take much to make them into a great outfit.  For a look as bold as the prints, pair them with simple heels and tights, or add ruffled pieces (matching a color that can be found in the print) to soften them up a bit.  Bonus: Go for a pair of lace tights!
Bright Florals- These are usually the most fun to work with because there's so much to do with them.  For a casual look, pair them with a simple cardigan.  You can also dress them up with big ruffles or bright heels.  Similar to bold florals, bright florals look great when paired with pieces that match a color found within the print.  Bonus:  Pair them with stripes!  This is a classic combo that really stands out when done correctly.  Blue and black stripes tend to work best.  Extra bonus:  Mix and match floral prints.  Though potentially catastrophic, this is a combo that can be absolutely stunning.

Happy spring!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Trend: Brights

The warm scent of spring is in the air and following along are fabulous trends. Each of us will post about a different trend. If there's a particular one you want to see let us know by commenting below  ^_^

This Monique Lhuillier (Spring RTW 2010) is my favorite "brights" piece out of any collection. I just love the 20s flapper vibe with a modern twist. Anyways, with the photo are a couple trendy pieces that would be awesome on anyone. CAUTION: wear your brights in moderation otherwise you'll like you stepped out of a time machine from the 80s. That's the best piece of advice I can give you. Already wearing brights? Leave a link below to your picture :)

♥ Abby

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Academy Awards 2010 - The best and the worst

Below are some fabulous dresses and some not so fabulous dresses from this year's Academy Awards. 

Cameron Diaz
Oscar De La Renta

Andrea: Cameron looks good. A dress like this one you can’t really go too wrong with. I was slightly disappointed because I was expecting more from her.

Carol: This was probably my favorite look of the night.  The detail on this dress is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the fact that she didn’t overdo the look with crazy hair and accessories.  The red lipstick and nail polish are the perfect finishing touches.

Abby: One of my favorites, you can’t go wrong wearing Oscar to the Oscar’s (haha).

Jennifer Lopez
Giorgio Armani

Andrea: Is it just this picture or does she look huge? I’m not a fan of architectural dresses in the first place, and in top of that that side poof is just not doing it!

Carol: To be honest, this dress kind of reminds me of the foam they use to rap fragile things…the style is very flattering though

Abby: Ummmm…no JLo…just no.

Charlize Theron
Christian Dior

Andrea: Why Charlize? Why?! This dress has so much potential, and then the boob flowers had to come in!

Carol: The color looks great on her, but other than that I’d say this is pretty disastrous.  The material is all wrinkled, and is it just me or do those rosettes scream “let’s look at my boobies!”?

Abby: OH MY GOODNESS. Ummmmmm...i like the color?

Elizabeth Banks

Andrea: I can’t bring myself to like this. Maybe it’s the frill; I think it’s too much. I think the bodice looks lovely on her though.

Carol: This is absolutely stunning- very sophisticated, pretty and not at all boring.

Abby:Gorgeous! It fits her beautifully!

Penelope Cruz
Donna Karan

Andrea: This dress is stunning. You really can’t go wrong with this material and color. The only thing is the bottom looks like it’s too big on her.

Carol: It’s a little been there, done that.  Great color, but it doesn’t flatter her body at all, and it’s a really cliché look.

Abby: This is a very “safe” dress for Penelope. Usually I’m wowed by her couture gowns but not so much this time.

Anna Kendrick
Elie Saab

Andrea: I just love nude tones! This drapes around Anna nicely, it sort of makes her look like a goddess. And the flower on the chest is the perfect addition.

Carol: I seriously can’t find anything I don’t like about this.  It’s so gorgeous from the flowers on top to the lace trim in the front.  I love the off the shoulder straps and the slit down the front- they balance out the innocence of this look with a little skin.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Abby:Probably my favorite dress of the night. It fits her beautifully, the color is fabulous, and it’s just a breathtaking Elie Saab.

Demi Moore

Andrea: One of my favorites of the night; again a jewel toned dress. Is it just me or does Demi look super fit? Is it the dress? I love the contrast in this, on top we have firm and almost sporty looking, and on the bottom its frilly and girly, with a flower accent, but just enough of both; a perfect medium.

Carol: For some reason this is really busy and boring at the same time…

Abby:  I love the bottom but it’s almost like the color is too close to her skin tone. I don’t know, I just feel like something is off with it.

What do you guys think?

All of us ♥

P.S. Thanks to for the pics :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashion Merchandising - Buyer

Fashion Buyers are the personal shoppers for retail apparel companies. A Fashion Buyer maximizes the company's profits by making sure that the products on store shelves appeal to consumers.

This is my chosen career path, not that its important or anything. But I thought it would be good to know.
FIDM is the best fashion school in the country, to my knowledge and opinion. There just so happens to be one about an hour from where I live, so study on! I finally have a career in mind!

To all of your who are indecisive about your career path; don't sweat it. Don't let your parents tell you what to do, don't let anyone tell you what to do. Just live your life the way you do and it will come to you. 

I promise.

Peace & Laughter,