Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Trend: Florals

This is my absolute favorite spring trend; it never gets old, and nothing makes me feel as fun and flirty as a great floral piece! When thinking about florals, I tend to separate them into three categories: soft, bold and bright.
How to wear...
Soft Florals- Rather than overwhelm these lighter prints with bright accessories, embrace their softness with cardigans in neutral colors and ruffled pieces.  Tea parties and country girls come to mind when I see these prints, so draw inspiration from there.  Bonus:  Dress them down with some more casual pieces like trench coats and boots.
Bold Florals- These are the kind of florals that can stand on their own, so it doesn't take much to make them into a great outfit.  For a look as bold as the prints, pair them with simple heels and tights, or add ruffled pieces (matching a color that can be found in the print) to soften them up a bit.  Bonus: Go for a pair of lace tights!
Bright Florals- These are usually the most fun to work with because there's so much to do with them.  For a casual look, pair them with a simple cardigan.  You can also dress them up with big ruffles or bright heels.  Similar to bold florals, bright florals look great when paired with pieces that match a color found within the print.  Bonus:  Pair them with stripes!  This is a classic combo that really stands out when done correctly.  Blue and black stripes tend to work best.  Extra bonus:  Mix and match floral prints.  Though potentially catastrophic, this is a combo that can be absolutely stunning.

Happy spring!


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  1. I love seeing florals with patterns. Great post. I'd love to see you guys doing outfit posts to match the trend you picked.