Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hit or Miss? Met Gala 2010

Met Gala 2010
Hit or Miss
By Abby

                Let’s get right to it. This year’s Met Gala Theme was…..”American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity” (what ever that means). Just because the theme sounds a bit boring, it does not mean the ladies did not dress to…I guess impress? So here’s some looks and whether or not I think they were hits or misses (I hope that paragraph made sense…I had a looooong day at school).

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad
                Oh JLO how I love your recent red carpet choices. Your fashion seemed a bit strange for awhile but now you are back and glamorous!! This dress fits her perfectly and she looks stunning! I cannot imagine how long it took to make that dress. I think I’d go crazy if I had to sew on all those crystals!

Katy Perry in Cute Circuit
                I don’t know if she’s trying to match up with Lady Gaga or what, but that dress is weird!! Her fashion is usually slightly eccentric but with a cute retro vibe: This one, not so much. I do give her props for being able to wear a dress with electricity running through it but still…weirdness. The necklace isn’t helping either.

Sienna Miller in Pucci
                This just isn’t working for me. It’s so messy and unfinished (sometimes unfinished looks chic but not in this case). She herself is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, but that dress is so distracting and well…ugly.

Anne Hathaway in Valentino
                Purely amazing. It compliments her fair complexion, fits her amazingly, and you can tell that she absolutely loves it! The only, only, only, only con is that it looks a bit like the dress that Rachel Zoe dressed her in for an Academy Awards performance a few years back. But it’s still AHMAZING.

Rachel Zoe in Marc Jacobs
Dear Rachel Zoe,
I usually enjoy your style and the looks you pick for celebs. But it seems to me that when ever you look sickish, you can’t dress yourself. Please let Brad help you find a dress that fits.
Your adoring fan,
Abby S

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So those are some hits and misses...look for Carol and Andrea's posts coming soon!


P.S. Picture credit to Getty Images

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